The Pictar Family Zoom Kit has everything you’ll need to connect to the people you love. It offers solid, game-changing solutions for lighting, stability and angle - 3 key elements of any good video call. It’s the easiest, simplest upgrade to your remote communication. So much of our communication is non verbal - don’t settle on wobbly calls and poor visibility. Make sure your loved ones can see your face, your full range of expressions and of course… your smile!

No more squeezing together!

The Pictar Wide/Macro lens allows you to capture a much wider picture than your standard lens. Better tidy up the living room, cause your friends are going to see so much more of you, your family and your background! With a 16mm wide angle everyone can fit in the frame, without having to squeeze in. This product actually consists of 2 lenses: While the wide angle lens gives your video calls a boost, the macro lens opens up a world of photo ops right at home, giving you the ability to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. Oh, and kids love it!

Light is everything

Pictar Smart Light is a compact LED lamp capable of producing powerful, high-quality light that dramatically improves the quality of your call. When you provide crisp footage that shows your expressions clearly, your friends & family will find it easier to process and comprehend your speech, intentions and emotions.

Fast & steady

The Splat 3N1 Tripod has 5 durable metal legs for stability and a silicone cover for maintaining traction. It can fit your smartphone, Smart Light, camera or action camera (mounts included) and be positioned on any surface or around any object.

Pictar Family Zoom Kit

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